Configuration of NConnect Internet email accounts in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Click on Start then Control Panel. Double click the Mail icon. Now select View or change existing e-mail accounts and click next .


 2. Verify POP3 is selected. If it is not selected, please select it and click Next.

 3.  You will need to change the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers to match the new settings. Incoming: and Outgoing: Also note that your Username field also needs to change to show your entire email address. Substitute your email address in this field, verify your screen matches this screenshot. Enter the password you created in the webmail setup earlier, into the password field. 

Do not check the check box "Log on using Secure Password Authentication SPA".


4.    Click on More Settings and then click on the Outgoing Server tab. Place a check in the My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication check box. Verify it matches the screen shot below and then click OK.

Outgoing Server Settings

5.  Now click on the Test Account Settings button. You should get a testing screen and you should also get a green check mark in each of the five items. If you get a red X in any of the five items, you need to go back and double check   your settings and then run the test again.  You must get all green checks for it to work properly.  When done click Next and then Finish.                                               

Web Mail access away from home, type in a blank address bar: and enter your full email address and password. Or go to the web site and use the blue webmail button on the left side of the screen.